The Art of Traffic

Essentially, if you are going to work in online marketing of any kind, you need to know and learn the art of traffic – free or paid – bringing eyes from all over the world to your website or offer.

Traffic is what allows your offer or value post to be seen.  There are many ways to bring traffic to your offer. To name a few, social media traffic, website traffic, ads, keywords, tags, traffic ad sites, and others. Let’s check these few here to get your feet wet and your understanding on track.

Social Media Traffic – With 4 billion users on social media platforms everyday, it’s the highest volume of all traffic eyes on your offer and generating leads. The highest social media platforms that bring the most traffic are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you are going to generate leads and eyes to your offer you need to be on one or all. There are literally thousands of users everyday available to see your offer. It can be done for free up to a certain point, but better to learn the craft of advertising on them and utilizing the resources they offer. One paid post on Facebook for $5 can reach over 2000 people or more. Not bad for a beginner. And their advertising offers tracking to see the who, what, and where of your ad went.  That’s chasing business and being smart. Take advantage of Facebook pages ( like a mini mall for your offer ) and Facebook groups. Groups are targeted niche forums to engage with like-minded individuals who want what you have to offer. There are multiple groups for every offer under the sun available. Take advantage of them!

Some say you are nobody unless you are on Twitter! Well, I don’t know if that’s entirely true, but it’s a fantastic advantage to getting your offer out there. Learn the art of Twitter. To learn Twitter, just google how to use the platform for generating traffic and developing a following. You will be delivered thousands of opportunities to learn from. It can be overwhelming with the amount of people who have written their best version of how-to’s. Ah, welcome to the world of internet marketing! It’s bigger than you imagined! Don’t stress out, just learn how to sift through and test what you learn. Not everything you read and try will work for you – but don’t give up! Facebook and Twitter are really not that hard to learn.

Pinterest is a wonderful type of platform that relies heavily on graphics and images. Getting the right image and quality really pulls in the right prospect. Learn the craft well if you are going to indulge in it. It’s addicting! It’s fun! And it never ends in taking your time. But it’s well worth it. There are so many people using Pinterest for fun, it only makes sense to use it for business. If you are going to be hanging out there anyway, and who doesn’t, let it help generate income for you! Again, there are many users who have mapped out the road to using Pinterest for business. Get on the wagon and learn from them. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Let’s dive into website traffic.  How do you get eyes to see your website within the sea of virtual website overload that exists now? First, in affiliate marketing it’s not that necessary to own a website. There are many ways to generate leads to your offer – blogs, forums, groups, social media platforms, sales funnels, paid traffic. It’s come a long way in a short time haven’t we? Well, the best 2 ways to get eyes on your own website are paid traffic advertising and SEO. Now this is for the big guys with big money. And totally worth it. So if you are ready to go full on with a big budget, then you will find the right way to pay for advertising for your offer. But – for this purpose, and speaking mostly to beginners here, let’s stick to posting your website address everywhere you can. Again, the list is commenting on blogs, using Messenger for Facebook, commenting in forums, sales funnels that led the prospect to your website, social media platform engagement, and so on. Offering a simple discount or lead magnet to grab attention can lead them to y our website. We will cover lead magnets in another post soon. Using YouTube is one of the hottest and fastest ways to get eyes to your website, if you’re not camera-shy. So is Facebook Live within a group. Again, there is literally a sea of possibilities. Pick a few, learn them, master them, move on to more when you have the results generating your income over and over.

Now let’s pick about Ads, paid and free. Paid ads cost lots of money and are completely worth it. Have the budget? There are many companies that will do it for you. And it works. Have a small budget? There are many companies that will teach you how to learn to make your own paid ads. And there are many people who will offer some free info to get you started. But free ads can be done as well. Does it work? Yes. One free ad that works well is a simple link in the bio on Instagram. Another free ad that works well is contacting, not spamming, your friends list on Facebook messages leading to your offer. There are also countless websites that offer free traffic generators. Now that’s for someone who has a little more understanding of the behind the scenes lead generator business. Does it work? That all depends on you. Another phenomenal free ad space is YouTube. Delete the camera fears and make videos. It’s the fastest way to reach a lot of people and get them to your offer. And it’s free.

Keywords, SEO and tags. A serious marketer will learn and use this category. I have only dabbled in this area, because it I use the free methods the most. For now, I have a low-budget and what I am doing is working well for me. When I move up I will use this area more. This area can be fierce competition. But don’t let the challenge slow you down or quit. Take the challenge and become a master, you won’t regret it. But for a great article on the how-to’s, read this. I am not an expert by any means and I am not going to convince you otherwise. So read and discover ways to boost traffic.

This has been a slice of what’s available to use and to learn. It’s all up to you to do your own research and testing. Find out what works best for you. Rome was not built-in a day. And to be honest the average internet marketer needs to give themselves a good 2 years to learn and grow and develop a strong presence online. Don’t be shy, come like my fan page for more, just click here. Join us for the adventure!


Do Not Treat Your Online Business Like Your Hobby

If you treat your business like your hobby, you will not have a successful business. You will have a successful hobby, hopefully!

I’m sure you love your business and want to spend passionate time on it, but reality says that type of passion won’t cause you to run your own successful business. A hobby passion let’s you be too choosy with the time you spend on developing it. You may have a passionate hobby about collecting seashells. But the time you take to gather just the right shells and just the right display for them might take years. And with a hobby, you don’t really mind.

Instead focus your passion into showing up at your business as the CEO of a company. You handle everything in the beginning. You understand all the tasks that need to be done. You know all the job roles. You know everything about your business as the CEO. A CEO shows up first and leaves last. Consistency built IBM, not having a hobby. Dedication built Hershey Park, not a hobby. First to show up and last to leave built Disneyland, not a hobby. And if your main goal is to make money with your business, you can’t treat your business like a hobby.

However, if you are so passionate about your hobby, you can turn it into a business. But business skills will create it into a business, not playing like a hobby.

Another aspect of treating your business as a business and not a hobby includes knowing the difference between loving your business like a pet and actually building a business. You have got to build up your brand, get more clients, get more sales, building a following, and getting more brand awareness. And if you stop these aspects, so will your business. Especially now that everything is focused using online marketing.  If you aren’t focused online, and as you know from the name of this blog, you won’t have any kind of business. So assuming you are here to learn about laptop income – keep reading! So, if your business has no online presence, it doesn’t exist.

Which moves us into a little BONUS area on getting your presence in order and multiplied! So here goes on the best method that my team leader taught me.

And for example let’s assume you are building a business online and working a fulltime job at the same time. So how do you manage building brand awareness and your presence online in different platforms everyday? In the hours you have available? Short of literally building a business on bathroom and coffee breaks?

Three – Two – One

So let’s say you are posting on Instagram to build your brand and your story to attract people to your account. Take six posts in a series to show.  Three posts will be built around your story. Become great at story telling. Your story includes your daily thoughts, the path your on, or who you are. Two posts will be about a business aspects. Whatever aspect about your business you choose.  Use success quotes, blog posts, videos, brand posts, with the emphasis on getting the email. ( Remember – building an email list is key component in online marketing ).  And finally one post about getting them to click on the url link in your bio (website or sales funnel link, etc…). Everytime you post you follow this series of 6 posts:  3 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 3 – 2.

It gives you a definite path to follow. And then you build on it from there, like using one of the posts to use in your Facebook marketing. And the two platforms coincide. More about that in a later blog post.

Consistency is key! Keep it up and you will reap the rewards as you go. Remember treating it like a hobby will not build a business. Consistency and commitment will produce results. Post at least once per day!



Get The Vision: How To Gain On Social Media For Your Business

And so what is Vision? Vision is what you want for yourself and for others. Let’s face it, everyone has a tribe on social media, big or small. So you must have a vision for others as well. But let’s stick to your vision.

Who you strive to BE

What you strive to DO

What you strive to Have

It’s called the Be, Do, Have method of growing as an entrepreneur. The first time I read about this method of understanding was in a Robert Kiyosaki book, The Cashflow Quadrant.  I recommend you read this one.  It’s important for understanding your vision. You can’t have a vision of yourself or your future if you don’t know who you want to be, what you are going to do to get there, and what you have to do to have what you want.

The difference between having a vision and having goals is that your vision will determine the goals you set. See the difference? Our vision provides the direction we need to go in to achieve our goals. Every day, we have choices to make and we can make them based on the goals, set by your vision.

Vision is important to communicate to your tribe. If you can communicate your vision to others, they will know what to expect from you and how they can be a part of your vision while you help them with their’s. The point is to keep your human side in front of them. The more they know you are human and real, the more they will trust you. As you share your vision with others, they find the commonalities that exist. Joining with similar visions can help both parties get there faster. You will naturally attract others that have the same vision. Communicating to one another builds trust and relationship.

Don’t you feel more comfortable buying or following someone who has similar vision to you? You end up trusting their opinion and building a relationship with them faster. The next thing you know, they are showing up on your platform to see what you are up to every day.

This is one of the building blocks to your online presence.  It gives you the edge you need to grow, as well as confidence in the direction you are going. As I have seen it written in many places, PEOPLE LIKE TO FOLLOW PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOING.

So step up to becoming the leader that you are. After all, most people who break away from the mainstream of things to become an entrepreneur have high leadership capabilities.  Sometimes that characteristic just needs to be cultivated.

The good news is this vision is already inside you. You don’t need to go to find it or reinvent the wheel. All you have to do, and this really works, is get the pen and paper out to write down some things. To begin, you want to identify what your values are, what you are passionate about, what you believe your purpose is, and how you want to see your life pan out over time. Yes write it down in a journal so that you can go back and reflect on it and even change it if necessary.

Answer the following questions on paper:

  1. what do I believe I am capable of achieving in life? Be specific, not broad.
  2. What are the greatest things I can accomplish given ample resources, motivation,  and circumstances?
  3. What do I want others to recognize me for, and I don’t mean awards. What characteristics or values?
  4. What can I contribute to the world?
  5. What life do I see myself having at different ages? 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
  6. What kinds of people do I want to be surrounded by?
  7. What do I want to be remembered for?

This may seem like a lot, but it’s only the beginning to your very own lifestyle that you want to create. Digging into yourself only brings your vision out to the front more.

I hope you find your vision and next time we will explore your UNIQUE vision.


Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

Growing an Instagram account organically for promotion purposes is one of the best ways to boost your online presence and business profits. You have the potential to reach many of the 1 billion users daily. No other time in history has had the far-reaching potential of social media platforms we have today. Can you imagine if you reach just 100,000 of the 1 billion users? Advertising dollars in the past would have been only for the top leaders in business who could afford such reach.  And today it’s for free.

If you are new to Instagram, there is a lot to learn how to navigate your way around beyond casually posting this weekend’s photo opps from the local bakery. If you are planning on using IG for your business promotion, there are many methods floating around. Everyone has touted their own method or somebody’s owning to being the best. However, it is worth the time to learn some of the best out there, because the more successful you are at using this platform for promotion, the faster your business could grow.

Two things you need to know about setting up IG and using it for promotion.

One, how to properly set up the bio – who you are, what you are about, what you want to project to others, what you want to say to attract others to your account.  I highly recommend setting it up in the notes of your phone first and then copy/paste to the bio section of your account. A good way to set it up is to find other accounts that are similar to your liking, your ideas, your thoughts, your style, your niche market. Put together your best first impression by writing different versions of your own and choose the one that you are most satisfied with most.  Don’t forget to use corresponding emojis in your bio.

Second, you want to gain organic followers. Ones that are genuinely interested in you and your account. Followers that engage with you when you engage with them.  The secret sauce to this is LIKE, KNOW, TRUST.  Get them to like you, trust you, and build a relationship with you. Gain a large following that trusts you and you can lead them to your promotion. Build a relationship with them and you will make a sale by helping them out.

To gain organic followers there are 3 things you want to do everyday. Twice a day. Everyday to build your following and have them interested in your business offer.

First, you need to post to your account and immediately spend time going through the hashtags# you used to visit other accounts who used the same hashtags.  Pick accounts that resonate with you.  When you go on the accounts, go to the top 3 posts.

Second, like each of the top 3 posts.

Third, comment on all three. And I don’t mean a cutesy face emoji.  Say something of substance. Be intentional. Lastly, follow them.  This method has proven to me to work every time. Most of the accounts will follow you back and engage. I have gained up to 100 followers per week using this method.

Of course you have to learn about which photos to use, how to choose filters, and having a good list of hashtags# for different uses. I keep my lists up to date on an app in my phone called Upwords. Here I have easy access to them every time I post.

Once you start this method of gaining followers, be consistent. I did this for months and grew not only my main account but 5 more business accounts to boost my promotions. Yep, it’s time-consuming. It’s work, but isn’t that the whole point anyway? As an affiliate and entrepreneur, you work for yourself. Of course when you get to a certain point you can hire someone to this part for you. And why not? You’ll learn to understand that time is money. And your time and it’s freedom is valuable.

Power Of Awareness

Imagine the following:  you are where you want to be. That you are what you wanted to become. That you received all that your heart desired. And the way you got there was that you depended on yourself and no one else.

What will it take for you to achieve all that? What will you do to be able to depend on yourself for all that and no one else?

Good questions.

The only way to that place is by becoming aware of who you really are and what you have to change to achieve that. “See yourself on the screen of your mind as the person you want to be, then become that person.” – Bob Proctor.

Here are some ways to become more aware of yourself:

  1. List all the positive attributes you think you have. Name as many as possible.
  2. List the things, let’s call them dreams or goals, you want in life.
  3. List the things you don’t like about yourself and circle the ones you want to change.
  4. List the ruts you think you may be in.
  5. List the comfort zones you have that you know about.
  6. Write a letter to yourself that explains the highlights of what you want to achieve and what you feel you need to begin to change in yourself to get or become the person you want.
  7. Pick 3 books, I recommend the library, that you feel will help you achieve that and read them. Take notes.

It’s safe to say that it should take you about 2 months to complete the lists and read the books. Remember, those lists will probably change and be added to.

As an added bonus of accountability, keep a journal as you go through this. This journal will be invaluable as a tool for a long time. You will be able to reflect back and use its information in many ways. I guarantee that as you become aware of yourself, you won’t be able to go back to you old self. Little by little, you will change into what you want to become. After the books are read and the lists are complete, begin to move into ACTION mode. Study, learn, ask, listen, develop, involve yourself. You will change.

Most important aspect here is to not stop the flow. Use your imagination to see yourself where you want to be. Maintain that vision and perspective of yourself.

Here’s to your success!