Power Of Awareness

Imagine the following:  you are where you want to be. That you are what you wanted to become. That you received all that your heart desired. And the way you got there was that you depended on yourself and no one else.

What will it take for you to achieve all that? What will you do to be able to depend on yourself for all that and no one else?

Good questions.

The only way to that place is by becoming aware of who you really are and what you have to change to achieve that. “See yourself on the screen of your mind as the person you want to be, then become that person.” – Bob Proctor.

Here are some ways to become more aware of yourself:

  1. List all the positive attributes you think you have. Name as many as possible.
  2. List the things, let’s call them dreams or goals, you want in life.
  3. List the things you don’t like about yourself and circle the ones you want to change.
  4. List the ruts you think you may be in.
  5. List the comfort zones you have that you know about.
  6. Write a letter to yourself that explains the highlights of what you want to achieve and what you feel you need to begin to change in yourself to get or become the person you want.
  7. Pick 3 books, I recommend the library, that you feel will help you achieve that and read them. Take notes.

It’s safe to say that it should take you about 2 months to complete the lists and read the books. Remember, those lists will probably change and be added to.

As an added bonus of accountability, keep a journal as you go through this. This journal will be invaluable as a tool for a long time. You will be able to reflect back and use its information in many ways. I guarantee that as you become aware of yourself, you won’t be able to go back to you old self. Little by little, you will change into what you want to become. After the books are read and the lists are complete, begin to move into ACTION mode. Study, learn, ask, listen, develop, involve yourself. You will change.

Most important aspect here is to not stop the flow. Use your imagination to see yourself where you want to be. Maintain that vision and perspective of yourself.

Here’s to your success!


Doomed To Daily Mundane

Let’s talk about the daily grind you do. The things you do every day. You are not really getting the results you need. You know there are a lot of things or even many things that you should be doing in your business but are not accomplishing everyday. Is your business stagnant? Are you not sure what progress you are making? Are you not earning any income? Are your conversion rates low? Are you losing followers? Is your engagement down? What is your ROI? Is your bio floundering?

Lets talk about the reasons why that is happening.

  1. Lack of knowledge – you just need to know more. You may have gotten your biz to a certain level and you hit a plateau. You literally need more knowledge or how-to’s about what your business requires. You need to stop what you are doing and reassess.
  2. You have blockage. Yep, many experience it, if not all. Blockage is something that is in your mindset that holds you back from progressing. It can be thoughts of how you perceive yourself or others in your business. You may lack confidence in yourself. It could also be caused by a fear of success. (you may need to self motivate on a daily basis)

One of the first places to start is by getting more knowledge about your business. Using a business coach can be very helpful (and pricey). However, a mentor can help also. Those are available more easily. A group that focuses on specific things related to your specific business or needs can be golden.

Another place to look for help is by writing down the things that you think are lacking in your daily routine or in the things you lack in your business in general. A general assessment written down can help you plan accordingly. Plan to come up with an outline based on your current understanding of what you would like to see happen to progress your business. Sharing your assessment with others can be invaluable.

What could be some of the daily routines that need to be revamped? For example, you know using a schedule app will help you keep your posting in order, but you hesitate using one because it’s one more fee you have to pay. Use the app. Do it to progress your growth. That time you save using the app can be used in a better way to serve your biz. Certain automation in your business can help make the extra push you need.  Another example would be that you want to begin to either blog or  podcast, but you have no knowledge in them. You have to get the learning to become knowledgeable and bold to actually do it. That one education or investment will propel you business

Making an assessment of your business when you notice things are stagnant will help tremendously. If you are looking for help in the knowledge area, check out this training here. In this training we will help you craft your story, target your ideal avatar, the do’s and don’ts of Instagram, plus more. ( I can’t give it all away:]) Check out today what could be the one thing you need to boost business!

I Read! I Don’t “Go Live!!”

Well, I spent too many hours at the library. I’m from that generation. And I am so used to reading, that watching a person go “LIVE” on Facebook is sometimes difficult for me. Especially to watch people I don’t know. I know, you are probably saying, “well you watch the news don’t you?” Yes, of course. But Facebook Live video seems very different to me. Maybe because that Live video is from a friend on Facebook. It is more intimate than the local news.

However, I do not discount the fact that the there is a lot of action taking place from Facebook Live. It is deemed as the best way to reach a lot of people and it’s the converting edge to a make an offer/sale. So while I am not selling all my books, I am catching the LIVE fever that seems to propel a business one of the fastest ways in this modern techy world. But it did not come easily to my book-lifestyle.

And creating vlogs is even more fun! Why would you want to create a vlog? Because it’s one more way of sharing your stories. If you read my post before about why stories are so important, you will remember that it is one of the chief ways to attract others to yourself. Share your life to attract your target audience to your social media platforms. They follow who you are, not your product or company. And I have the perfect little training on who, what, where, why of vlogging.

Back to Facebook Lives. Equally important for the promotion of yourself (your stories). they have a proven rate of conversion.  And the options to promote them at the moment are growing as Facebook changes its algorithm yearly.  Options include interacting with the views and using hashtags. But one way that seems to be the most profitable way to use Live on Facebook is actually host a direct selling party. There is no limit in time, and you can imagine how many more attendees to a party online is available than gatherings in your house. I know you have seen them too. Actually, I am somewhat addicted to watching pearl parties. Something about watching those oysters opening and a beautiful, colorful pearl coming out is mesmerizing. There at the touch of your finger you can access a catalog, an order form, and purchase your pretty pearl. All for free.

Of course the best-selling conversions are going to someone who has experience and knowledge how to use Facebook Live to their advantage. Learn that right here.

Our training will give you the knowledge how to leverage social media to promote yourself and ultimately your product. There are many training’s out there available. But you won’t find many that offer the insider secret sauce that we provide. Check our link.



Looking For A Home?

So many people need a place to go to call home. We all know it. There are many communities online that want to be that place for others. As an online marketer, it is impossible to avoid being invited to join. Remember, it takes a village. Working alone online should NOT be your goal. Achieving what you want will take a village community to help you get there. That is the whole point of social media after all. Of course we are talking about Facebook communities and forums here.

The communities online are generally led by one or a small select group of folks who started together in the same general business model. So finding a community that is similar to your business model will not be difficult. However, finding a group that can lead you with a careful plan of action is difficult.

Here’s what to look for in an online community that reflects your business model and leads you with a blueprint to follow:

  1. Is the leader available to you and everyone in the group? If he/she isn’t there posting frequently, teaching, leading the way, if you don’t even know who it is, chances are that he/she is there in name only and has a group of admins running it. Which by the way is okay to have, but it’s not okay to not show your face often.
  2. Are there admins helping? This is great if the group has a lot of members. It can be very helpful with those individuals’ input and knowledge as well. It is hard to run your own business and lead several 100 to 1000’s of members alone. So having admins has its advantages.
  3. Are the new members welcomed into the group? That all depends on the type of community the group is. If it’s a forum, that is not necessary. It’s too general and the specific details of the posts are usually for the general public. If it’s a Facebook group, it depends on the type as well. There are many kinds of communities that are actually big and general, not smaller and specific. They seem cold, impersonal, and spam in their ways. Those kinds of groups usually do not have a blueprint to follow that helps you day-to-day in your business.
  4. Are the members encouraged to participate and help each other? This is golden. In a group like this, the members all help each other, answer each others questions, go out-of-the-way to teach or guide others in their business. They generally have a common belief that by doing this, we all win. They believe that this type of conduct leads to better relationships and that by giving to others, you will get back what you need too. So far my experience with this is absolutely true.
  5. Do you see the members growing in their business? Are they offering the results of growth in their own business? Not that everyone has the same speed of growth, but you should see the results posted somehow. And do they celebrate the growth of each other. Look for those things.

You can imagine that we all will conceal some of our business from each other, but it’s important to not be so hidden from one another. Hiding our social accounts, offering email swipes, or offering a script are things that should be common practice in a group. If you are not seeing that in your groups, not much need to be there.

Now, if you still have no group to belong to or want one that is described by the best qualities written in this article, our training platform offers a Facebook group. We are styled to help one another as much as we can offer. We like to treat each other like family, not just friends. And we are available 24/7. Our team leader is there everyday answering questions and gives us more than we ask of him. He keeps us abreast of his results, offers weekly live meetings, and has a 24/7 chatline for everyone. Access to this group is by invite only, once you have decided to sign up for the small training offered. Well worth its weight in gold. No other group I have been involved in, no less than 50, has impressed me as this group. I feel I am a family member and an important one no matter how fast/slow or big/small my business is operating at any moment. I invite you to check out our training here. 


Pull It Out Of Your Gut

Sometimes you have to pull yourself out of your gut. Sounds weird, I know. But that’s the place where we have been told we can pull strength out of. And I think its safe to say that anyone that reads this has been through enough life experiences to have needed strength (on any given day). Am I right? Who hasn’t been in that life altering moment and needed to draw out strength.

Well, sometimes the most mundane, daily life routines require strength to continue. Everyday we need to be inspired, motivated, or educated. Where does that come from first thing in the morning and your whole team is waiting for you to lead the way, but one of the kids isn’t well, the dryer broke, its freezing rain out, and on and on (much like today). Draw on the strength that has been accumulated deep down in your gut. It’s in there, you just need to tap into it.

Here are 3 places to go to for more strength.

  1. Trust Your Own Lighthouse – that place inside you that knows how to be a beacon to others when needed. You are a creative force and even in times of weakness, your past experience can be relied on for the daily courage. You know where to draw from and restore. Use those resources for yourself.
  2. The Team – the team will uplift you and help you restore strength when needed. Reach out to them. Build relationships that when a time is needed the right people who you trust are just a click away. Team support is invaluable for leadership, motivation, lifting one another up, and honesty. Drawing on others resources enlarges our own.
  3. Rearrange Your Time – It may seem like the impossible. When we can rearrange things and do something different, especially in our schedule or normal routine, we actually can build up new strength. We can avoid being depleted more and gain new stores. That will come in handy next time. So consider rearranging your to-do list.

If there is one more way of drawing for more strength it is to use your WHY. Remember the reasons you are doing what you are doing. Get back in touch with all those dreams and goals. Go over the notes and lists you have made that reinforced your decision to go on this journey in the beginning. Was it for the family needs? Are the reasons related to finances? What about providing a better lifestyle for your family? You know your why.

Deep down in your gut is a reservoir of strength that you need to tap into. However, if having more training, leadership, and motivation will help improve that place, please hit this link here. We are a community of online marketing professionals with expertise in Instagram and Facebook marketing. We are sharing with and leading a focused and serious group of individuals that want to create their own business working online. Our leaders have been through the tough days of learning to work online and will pass on their knowledge to all new members. There are no tiers of levels on our team. We are one for all and all for one.

The Extra Edge of Vision

If you hear or read a lot of posts and articles about having a vision – pay attention. I used to believe it wasn’t important. And I mixed vision with goals, ignorantly. I know I could feel ashamed for not paying attention. And I do. However I have always justified that part of my entrepreneurship.  After all, my busy mom schedule really didn’t allow for me to have vision. Goals yes, but vision – couldn’t get that far in my head. Of course I use to be goal oriented as a young adult, even as a teenager. I made goals and met them. But I never learned the value of vision. And let’s face it, once I became a mom, the goal became getting dressed everyday before lunch!!

What is VISION? Essentially it’s a part of you. I know you are probably expecting it to be some kind of photo collage. Nah, that’s for amateurs. Think about branding yourself. Who are you? What do you want for yourself? What do you want for others? What do you represent? What is your future going to be?

Vision will come out in who you are. Essentially, you need to bring out the real you to your target audience and let them be attracted to what you represent. You won’t need to create vision, just how to communicate it.  The point is to be REAL. Be yourself.

And know where you are going. Maybe physically, but mostly a whole package deal.  For example, if you want to have your own online business, be able to work your own hours, maybe around your family, have time freedom, be your own boss, and create a lifestyle that plans for traveling – all of that needs to be reflected in the way you attract others to yourself. And communicate that through online stories.

Second example – you are in middle age, almost an empty-nester, want to be your own boss, work your own hours, save for retirement, pay for a few college educations, travel, put money away for future family members, pay off debt, and create your own lifestyle – your online stories need to reflect that.

And finally, a third example – your’e a mom/dad who works and wants to quit the 9-5 grind that doesn’t allow you to even have a life. You work to put a boss’ kid thru college, only see your spouse and kids for a few hours a day, never take a truly GREAT vacation, never get ahead in the billing area, owe too much, and want time and financial freedom. Your online stories will be how you made the decision to escape all of that and gain what you want by using some xyz method.

Well all of that is easier said then done if you are not in a position to become rooted in that vision. Stepping up to root yourself there and become a leader takes guidance and know how from others who are already doing just that.

If you find yourself lacking in the guidance area, go here.  Bringing out the qualities that attract others to yourself involves knowing how to develop a whole package – in branding yourself. And yes dream boards and vision boards are creative and useful too. However, the real art of story telling is the ticket to bringing your VISION out to others.

Social Media Burnout!

Social media got you feeling like this? If you are losing sleep because your online business isn’t what you were promised by the host of that webinar, you must be frustrated! I get it. I worked for several months before I saw any results in my business. I got great training, but it was too vague. Not the real hands on knowledge I needed to propel my business into the place I wanted it.

Well let’s make an assessment. Would you go to whatever length needed to get drinking water everyday? I had to. I couldn’t believe I found myself (and my family) in a survival situation following the aftermath of a CAT 5 hurricane. But I was. And we did what it took to get drinking water every day. And it wasn’t the same method everyday. It was beyond our control.  Some days we had to drive a few miles to wherever a water truck was located and fill as much as we could. Other days we had to go to a local water station, usually involved in getting wet all over, and fill water from hoses. Not your typical pure water if you know what I mean. And we had to go back several times a day to fill containers for flushing toilets, bathing, washing. And it lasted for a few months. (and there was no electricity).

So how far are you willing to go to fix your problems with your business? You need enough eyeballs on it to get the ball moving. If I can show you the solutions to some of them, are you interested? Even better, what if I can show you a proven blueprint to implement that will entirely take your business to the next level? I’m not promising overnight instant success. That’s ridiculous. But, if you follow and apply these methods that are working for others, you will get results. It could be a stepping stone or a hub of some kind that holds you in place.

Take a look at this link here and you decide. Remember, there was a significant cost to get drinking water everyday. It cost time and money. There is a significant cost to running your business successfully and efficiently. Look here!